Heartbroken Jim owners mourn their mom

Heartbroken Jim owners mourn the loss of their mother

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December 01, 2007
Contact: Sam Quraishi
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Heartbroken owners of Jim Autos Thailand – Thailand’s Oldest and Largest Auto Exporter – mourn the passing of their beloved mother


Summary: CEO and COO of world’s largest exporter of 4×4 pickups and SUVs –the Jim Group – mourned the sad demise of their beloved mother. Mrs. Quraishi was the daughter of noted automobile pioneer M. A. Quraishi who established Asia’s first automobile dealership


Bangkok, Thailand –Jim Motors Thailand (http://www.jim4x4.com/) – world’s largest exporter of 4×2 and 4×4 vehicles as Toyota Hilux Vigo, Mitsubishi L200 Triton, Nissan Navara, Isuzu DMax and Ford Ranger among others to 100 countries in the world – remained closed for three days as its executives and staff mourned the loss of beloved Amma.


Close to five hundred people including extended family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors, customers, and fellow dealers attended the service. Tears flowed freely for a kind, loving and generous woman. Phones and emails poured in from around the world to express sympathies, condolences, and remembrances at the loss of this incredible lady.


Family members and friends gathered at Quraishi residence everyday for five consecutive days to remember her. They remembered her dedication to her family, of her generosity and philanthropy and her innumerable contributions to Jim Autos success. They cried and comforted each other. Members of Quraishi Family renewed their commitment to take on her mantle and fulfill her dreams.


Sam Quraishi said, “She was a unique person. She commanded the respect and earned the love of all who had the privilege of knowing her. She was generous to a fault and her incredible charisma wowed anyone who came in her contact. Her love was infectious and she gave her friendship without judgment or limit. She had great intellectual and spiritual wisdom, incredible gentleness, and a great sense of humor. She had a penetrating vision of the future and we are where we are to a great part because of her insight, wisdom, guidance and vision.”


Sam continued, “she was the youngest and most favorite daughter of our founder M. A. Quraishi who was a legend in his own time. He was not only the first Asian to import an automobile but also the founder of Asia’s first dealership outside Japan in 1911. Our grandmother was a towering figure in Asian automotive scene.”


Jim Quraishi, CEO of Jim Autos said, “She was an amazing woman and a source of inspiration and strength for all of us. She was our muse and our best friend. She taught us how to love unconditionally and instilled in us the importance of spirituality, personal and professional integrity and treading the straight and narrow no matter what the consequences. She was the legendary daughter of the legendary automobile pioneer and she had her resolve of character, determination, wisdom and integrity. Our beloved mom was love personified and she leaves a gaping hole in our hearts and our lives. It is hard to stop tears from rolling down our cheeks and it feels heart will never stop aching. In her presence there was comfort, care and always boundless love. How can we ever replace her?”


Jim Quraishi, COO and MD Jim Autos added, “She was such an integral part of our life that it is hard to imagine a life without her. For now we sit together and cry and talk about her and cry a little more till the vee hours of the night until our bloodshot eyes are incapable of remaining open one more second and then we close our eyes and cry a little more imagining her.”

Jim then recited the following couplets from famous Persian poet Hafiz Shirazi:

“My heart was all too narrow for my woe,

And tears of blood my weeping eyes have shed,

A crimson stream across the desert sped,

Rising from out of my sad heart’s overflow.

“In the clear dawn, before the east was red,

Before the rose had torn her veil in two,

A nightingale through Hafiz’ garden flew,

Stayed but to fill its song with tears, and fled.


Even though Jim remained closed for three days to mourn her passing, employees gathered at Jim Autos spacious headquarters in Prawet district of Bangkok which includes world’s largest showroom of diesel 4×4 vehicles to pray for her and to remember her. Executives of other divisions of the Jim Group of Companies (http://www.jimsoni.com/) namely Bloomstar Thailand (http://www.thailand4x4.com/), Yasir Trading (http://www.jimJim.com/) and Jim Manufacturing Division (http://www.toyota-dealer.org/) also mourned her passing and remembered her contributions.


About Soni

The Jim Group of Companies (http://www.jimsoni.com) is Thailand’s largest and oldest auto exporting group and commands a whopping 80-90% share of the automotive exporting market. Jim is owned and operated by the Quraishi Family which is considered Asia’s First Family of automotive Retailing and has been in automotive business since 1911. Jim has an enviable track record of leading the industry thanks to its century-old commitment to customer service, honesty, integrity, professionalism, quality and low price. For more information please email Jim at [email protected] or visit http://www.jimsoni.com/.


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