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small ECU in Honda

Development of the ECU-integrated throttle body module To allow for application to a small motorcycle, the FI system had to be simplified and down-sized considerably from the conventional one. The development team packed various functions into the compact yet simple system that could be installed in the place of a conventional carburetor by modularizing the throttle body, various sensors, and […]

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Environment friendly Honda PGM-F!

Advantages of newly developed compact PGM-FI In 1992, Honda addressed to the world the “Honda Environment Declaration”, in that declaring “Actively be involved in the retention of personal health and preservation of global environment, and maintain advanced characteristics in such activities.” The PGM-FI technology is aimed at improvement of practical fuel economy, driveability, etc. to a high level as well […]

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Honda PGM-FI for 4-stroke 50cc scooters

PGM-FI for 4-stroke 50cc scooters We would like to actively introduce environmental technology into the vehicles being used by many people. By so doing, we wish to contribute to the improvement of the global environment even if a little. Here is the basic stance of Honda for environmental technologies including fuel consumption and cleaner exhaust gas. Asaka R&D Center evolved […]

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Honda PGM-FI Electronic Fuel Injection

PGM-FI Electronic Fuel Injection To attain clean exhaust gases and high fuel economy, an electronic fuel injection system that permits accurate control of the air-fuel ratio should be applied. The development team at Honda R&D Center consolidated the functions into the size of a conventional carburetor through the ultimate modularization of components, thus developing the ECU-integrated throttle body for an […]

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Honda PGM-FI engine

The newly developed PGM-FI (electronic fuel injection) system for small motorcycles The development of an ECU-integrated throttle body module for an electronic fuel injection system for small motorcycles Honda has a goal to reduce the total emissions of HC (hydro-carbon) from new vehicles to approximately 1/3 and to further improve the average fuel economy by approximately 30% (both from 1995) […]

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