Parallel Import in Singapore

Singapore Motors Jim is Singapore’s Top Parallel Importer and Exporter

Why buy from Singapore Motors Jim rather than a regular parallel importer or local Authorized Dealer?

Buying from local Authorized dealer is the most expensive proposition as the dealer has to pay a lot for this privilege and wants to extract maximum profit from this monopoly. Less expensive proposition is a regular parallel importer. He buys from an exporter in United Kingdom or another RHD country and both importer and exporter must add their profit to your cost of the vehicle. With us of course you cut the middleman altogether as our sister companies in United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia sell us at their cost and since our philosophy is minimal profit for quick sell-through and maximal customer satisfaction, you get the topmost quality vehicle at lowest price. In all three cases, vehicle is still coming from the same factory.

Benefits of Parallel Import to you the consumer

Price! Price! Price!

Our sister company in United Kingdom Jim Autos United Kingdom and sister company in Thailand Jim Autos Thailand achieve economy of scale by purchasing in bulk and passes these savings to us. We gladly pass these savings to our dealer, wholesale and invidual customers in Singapore and everywhere else in the world. .

Obtain cars that authorized dealers and regular parallel importers do not carry in the Singapore market

Manufacturers are known for restrictiung models that they will release in any given market and they also may delay release of a new model by a few months or years according to their overall strategy. Regular parallel importers have more flexibility in offering what they think will sell and what they can source from their regular contact. With us we are lucky to have subsidiaries and affiliates in all major RHD countries as United Kingdom, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia and are therefore ready, willing and able to provide full range of vehicles from all brands. If you can imagine it we can source it.

Choice of handling Customs Clearance yourself

Most parallel importers not only import vehicle but also get Customs clearance, car inspection by LTA and and car registation. This can save hassle but can be costly when a person might have the time and resources to get this done himself. We give importer the choice of letting us handle this chore or do it himself.

How long does it take to take delivery of the car?

The car has to go through several stages before it can be registered.

I. Car Import

We work together to finalize the vehicle you want to import. We then share the current pricing and availablity situation. If you are ready with the payment we then give you a schedule of vehicle shipment and payment schedule. If the vehicle is readily available then the vehicle can be shipped or airlifted very quickly. We can hand the BL to you and you can handle the rest of the process yourself or can choose for us to supervise the whole process for an additional cost.

II. Singapore Customs Clearance, Car Valuation and Import Permit

We then submit car documents to the Singapore Customs for customs valuation of the cars. Customer does  valuation of the cars nad assign an open market value (OMV). This process generally takes about 5 working days. For example, if the documents are submitted to the Singapore Customs on Monday, the OMV will be assigned via fax on Friday or Monday.

Once we have car’s OMV, we apply for an import permit to bring the car out of the port.

You may glean more information at Singapore Customs page at

III. VITAS Submission

Car documents of the various models have to be verified and approved in batches by a system called VITAS (Vehicle Inspection and Type Approval System), under the Land Transport Authority.

This process takes about 3 working days to a week, depending on the volume of submission. That is, if there are a great number of car being imported and submitted to VITAS at the period of time, the process will be slower.

For more information, you may visit

IV. Vehicle Inspection

After VITAS has verified the car documents, a Notice of Inspection will be sent to the importer via email. We are then able to bring the cars to the authorised LTA Inspection Centres (eg VICOM Ltd or STA Inspection Centre) for inspection.

V. Notice of Approval

All cars in the batch submission has to be inspected and approved by the LTA Inspection centre before a Notice of Approval will be sent to the importer via email. This could be delayed at times if the engine number or chassis number does not match with the documents. As such, the documents will have to be amended before we can send for the next inspection.

An approval code will be given together with the Notice of Approval. With this approval code, we are then able to proceed with the registeration of the car.

VI. Registration of the car

Now, we are closer to the car delivery- Registration.

We have to arrange for the car insurance and collect any outstanding payment of the car before we proceed to register the car. 

Once the car is registered, a copy of Acknowledgment Letter will be generated from the LTALink (replaces the previous LOGCARD system). The Road Tax will be sent directly to the Registered Owner within 7 days of Registeration.

VII. Car Delivery

We want to make sure that the car is in a tip-top condition when customer takes delivery of the car. The car will be groomed and polished and its number plate affixed.

Number plate affixing may require a slightly longer processing time for Off Peak Car (OPC or Weekend car). OPC number plate has to be ‘seal’ at the LTA Inspection Centre.

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