2500cc Isuzu Dmax Thailand

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The 2.5L Isuzu D-Max combines excellent value, versatility and stylishness into an affordable package. This model has been designed to meet the needs of the cost-conscious motorist who wants a vehicle that gets the job done with minimal fuss.

Available with a manual 4×2 transmission, the 2.5L features a high-torque engine to help move your loads effectively and efficiently. The 2.5L shares most of the styling and comfort of the 3.0L version so you will get to enjoy a high standard of motoring as well.

Alloy Pistons: D-Max pistons are made of Isuzu’s High Performance Alloy, with Thermal Flow Cooling channels that will not expand despite intense heat. This prevents the pistons from causing friction between the walls of the engine, thereby preserving the condition of the engine longer.

Timing Gear: Unlike ordinary rubber-based timing belts that can snap unexpectedly, the D-Max timing gear is made of durable hardened steel/alloy/metal for extended trouble-free driving

IIndividual Linear: Easy and low cost for overhauling. Engine performance fully recover after overhauling


Isuzu ute and bakkie is Diesel only and is tough as nails, but well-finished and not lacking in creature comforts, with the 2009 version Isuzu has Toyota’s venerable HiLux Vigo firmly in its sights with the D-MAX. The new D-MAX ute, in either cab-chassis, single or twin-cab form, is worth consideration as a rugged work-mate, for recreational use, or as a dual-purpose family car.

Like its ‘badged’ competitor, the Chevrolet Chevy Colorado, the D-MAX shows good road manners for a ladder-framed, high-steppin’, ‘light truck’. There’s also ample power in the diesel, class-leading fuel consumption and multi-tonne towing capacity (in the 4×4) if the D-MAX has to turn itself to weekend duties ferrying the family around, or heading up the highway with the off-road bikes or boat in tow.

Under the bonnet is Isuzu’s 4JJ1 3.0-litre common-rail, direct injection turbo-diesel producing a healthy 360Nm from 1800-2800rpm (in manual). In the automatic, peak torque of 333Nm arrives at a lower 1600-3200rpm. Peak power of 120kW arrives at 3600rpm. It’s an unstressed, proven unit with roller rocker arms, variable geometry system (which tunes the turbo’s air intake), and stainless steel timing chain for durability, lower maintenance costs and long life.

Fuel consumption figures for the D-MAX 4×2 puts it near the head of the 3.0 litre one-tonne ute class, and in 4×4s, D-MAX takes the cigar for one-tonners at 8.1 l/100km (combined cycle).

With a heavy-duty low range, limited slip diff, steep approach and departure angles, steel guards protecting sump and transfer-case and hefty ground clearance, the D-MAX makes light work of the four-wheel driving. The D-MAX range are powered by either the 2.5 litre or the 3.0 litre diesel – there’s no petrol variant in the range (which may raise some eyebrows).

2500 cc Isuzu Dmax Interior

Style and comfort – Interior From the rugged exterior of the D-Max, come inside to enjoy the comforts and stylishness of a premium family saloon.

Ride in Comfort Ergonomically-designed seat positions and controls that fall comfortably into hand means that you don’t need to take your attention away from the road to operate most of the functions of the D-Max. Lots of compartments and cubby holes keep things in place even on the most rugged of terrain.

2500 Dmax Safety Features

Enhanced Protection

Where safety is concerned, standards are never compromised. The D-Max is fitted with intelligent safety-enhancing technology. Safety is always first-in-mind and first-in-class

dmax 2500 cc Solid Cabin

Solid Cabin Single pieces of double-sided galvanized steel sheets are used to construct the cabin sides, for added rigidity and strength, making it less prone to rattling and corrosion

dmax 2500 cc 2009  reinforced chassis

Reinforced Chassis A reinforced frame with larger side-bars further increases safety and durability. Specially designed rear chassis cross member minimizes torsion


Isuzu Dmax 2500 cc 2009 Platinum Solid Door Beams at Thailand top and Singapore best Isuzu Toyota 4x4 pickup SUV exporter dealer importer Isuzu Dmax 2500 cc 2009 Platinum safety crushable zones at Thailand top and Singapore best Isuzu Toyota 4x4 pickup SUV exporter dealer importer Isuzu Dmax 2500 cc 2009 Platinum wheel stopper at Thailand top and Singapore best Isuzu Toyota 4x4 pickup SUV exporter dealer importer Isuzu Dmax 2500 cc 2009 Platinum wheel improved brake servo at Thailand top and Singapore best Isuzu Toyota 4x4 pickup SUV exporter dealer importer Isuzu Dmax 2500 cc 2009 Platinum Collapsible Steering Column at Thailand top and Singapore best Isuzu Toyota 4x4 pickup SUV exporter dealer importer

Solid Door Beams These are incorporated into all doors, to resist forces from side collisions, minimizing injury to passengers

Safety Crushable Zones Accident prone areas are reinforced to provide controlled impact absorption

Wheel Stopper In a frontal collision, the wheel is prevented from intruding into the front passenger cabin

Improved Brake Servo An upgraded and improved brake servo and larger caliper area provide greater stopping power for added safety

Collapsible Steering Column In the event of heavy frontal impact, the steering column collapses, avoiding excessive injuries to the driver


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